Christmas Celebration- 2021December 25, 2021

Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! Jingle all the way!

Christmas is special for everyone and has special memories since childhood. How can we ignore the festive vibes of December when Christmas is for being merry and celebrating time with near and dear?

At ByteForza, it was a gathering for celebration. Happiness is be the inner soul of every celebration. And with a little fun sprinkled makes activities fun and happening.

The five teams -Star, Plum Cake, Santa’s, Snow Ball & Jingle Bells came together, played, laughed and had great fun. Teams decorated their work space and on Christmas had a lot of fun games – Blow the Cup and Caught, tilt a Cup and Balloon pyramid. Team had a very happy Christmas celebrations.

A little celebration by taking some time from a busy schedule is necessary. It makes things positive and always provides a different view of life. It makes everything better.